Global Cycles Team

Riders: Bryan Singleton and Neil Atkinson

Team: Global Titanium Cycles

Lives: Cumbria, UK.

Neil Atkinson - Class A (Senior)

Neil Atkinson - Class A Senior

2006 Results

National Trailquest league                                      - 2nd

National Trailquest weekend                                   - 4th


Merida - Builth Exposure lights big night out             - 15th Overall

Merida- Buith Mtb Marathon                                   - 11th in Masters

Merida - Rayader Mtb Marathon                             - top 20 Overall


North East Mountain Bike Orienteering League         - 1st


Lake District Lanequest league (road bikes)             - 1st


Summer Polaris                                                    - 2nd

Autumn Polaris                                                     - 4th


National Trailquest Glentress                                  - 1st

National Trailquest Malham                                    - 1st

National Trailquest Coniston                                   - 2nd

National Trailquest Market Wieghton                       - 2nd

National Trailquest Pennistone                                - 3rd

National Trailquest North Yorks                               - 4th

National Trailquest Stourport                                  - 2nd


Cross Cumbria Trailquest - Coniston                       - 2nd


Edinburgh Rat Race (adventure race)                      - 15th (I think, but a good laugh)


Cairngorm route under 12 hours                             - 9 hours


Various North Yorks Trailquest                                - Various 1st through to 5th


Events for Next Year:

The World Adventure Racing Championship (WARC) May !


Other Adventure Races leading up to the Warc.

I intend to fight for the National Trailquest Championship!

Strath Puffer 24hour race (Jan in Scotland)

All (if possible) Polaris Challenges

Cross Cumbria Trailquest leagues

Lanequest League

Winter Mint cake Trailquest League

Rat Race

Merida Big Lights out

Merida marathons

Other local Trailquest leagues


Bryan Singleton - Class C (Veteran) 2006 National Trailquest Veteran Champion

 Bryan Singleton - Techtrail national Champion

 On 3rd December Bryan received his trophy for becoming 2006 Techtrail National Trailquest Champion

2006 Results

2006 Vets National Champion
2006 Vets National League Champion
2006 Autumn Polaris 1st Vet Overall
2006 Cross Cumbria Champion Overall Vets Champion
Overall Winner of 2 National Championship Rounds

Results Breakdown:

January 14th-15th Strathpuffer Mid-Winter 24hr 3rd Overall with one of the fastest night laps.

March 25th Round 1 National League 1st Vet and 3rd Overall against top National field.

April 9th Round 1 Cross Cumbria 1st Vet and 1st Overall by a good margin.

May 6th Man of Porage Equal 6th Overall. An epic event over 12hrs with all of the top UK Endurance riders.
May 20th Keilder Reiver 1st Vet and 2nd Overall. Results improving as the
season progresses.

June 11th Round 2 National League and Cross Cumbria League 1st Vet and 1st Overall.

July 9th-10th Summer Polaris 3rd Vet. Was it hot? Struggled all weekend in the heat.
July 17th-18th Rat Race Edinburgh Top 15-ish. Great fun and lots of TV Coverage.

August 20th Round 3 Cross Cumbria 1st Vet and 2nd Overall.
August 26th Round 5 National League 1st Vet and 1st Overall. A great result.

September 9-10th National Championship Weekend 1st Vet and 4th Overall. Top quality field of National/International Riders.
September 24th Round 7 National League 1st Vet and 2nd Overall. Technical
course and some of the best UK competition.

October 7-8th Autumn Polaris 1st Vet and 5th Overall. The end of a long
season so a pleasing result against the usual top flight riders.

 Bryan Singleton - Class C Veteran





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