Hope vision 1

Description : Say hello to the NEW! 1 LED light. This fantastic
little light may just be the best addition to your night
riding you can make.
The 1 high powered LED pushes out 240 lumens on max
power! This is the sort of output a lot of lights with many
more LED’s, bigger batteries and a greater cost can offer.
The CNC machined lamp body mounts to the NEW!
reinforced nylon handlebar bracket, which fit’s
both standard and OS bars with the clever use of
removable rubber plugs. The bracket also allows for lateral
adjustment of the lamp whilst riding.
The power is provided by 4 AA size batteries. These can
be of your choice, and we leave that upto you. As an
example though, you can expect to get an average of 3
hours run time on max power from a typical rechargeable
battery. The light has a simple on/off/mode switch on the
back. This has a new cycle programme which turns the light
on in ‘low’ mode and cycles through to the higher settings.
This gives better control of the light in tricky situations
when more light is needed quickly.
As well as the universal handlebar clamp, a NEW! reinforced
nylon helmet mount is also included, along with a wrist
lanyard as well as ample velcro fastenings. This makes
the light truly adaptable. Perfect for bikers, outdoor
enthusiasts and people looking for a high quality, high
powered light for other nocturnal activities!
USE: When it goes dark! At home, in the car, on the bike,
walking the dog...

RRP £90.00

Rideon Price £80.00

Product Code :  Vision 1
Price :  £80.00

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